First and foremost:

Thank you for thinking about partnering with us! FEDSA, despite being a non-profit organization, is also a personal labour of love. Poured into it is almost an entire decade of contributions, blood, sweat and tears of numerous volunteers. Initially starting out as Cape Town Front-end Developers in 2012 it has grown to a 3000 member strong platform connecting Front-end Developers across the whole of South Africa.

However, with growth comes overheads.

To date, FEDSA has been completely funded out of pocket by the core team and generous support from NML. Yet, last year saw an inflection point for the organization in terms of growth and goals. Due to a spike in growth we've decided to consider the possibility of launching a podcast and newsletter where we share front-end development work being done by fellow South African developers. This is slated to be run parallel to our monthly free events, is set to be syndicated to all our 3000 registered members each month. Furthermore, we are also looking at hosting a virtual two-day front-end development conference in October.

Unfortunately, pursuing these ventures means that, for the first time in the organization's history, we're reaching a point where supporting the day-to-day operation of FEDSA is no longer possible from individual contributions alone.

It is to this end that we are looking to build partnerships with organizations that share our vision of encouraging South African practitioners to share their experiences more openly and honestly in the hopes that we'll not only empower their individual persons but also contribute to to a richer, more accessible and user-centered web experience for all South Africans.


We maintain an 50-50 split between actual operational overheads and contractor remuneration. Our current approved renumeration rate is R200 per hour. This rate is almost half the average South African rate according to PayScale for NPO program administrators.

As of 02/02/2012 our total monthly overheads are estimated at around R5000, as per the following cost breakdown:

Item Gross Monthly Cost Adjusted Monthly Cost*
Soundcloud €10 R350 $4 R150
Zoom Pro $15 R300
Google Workspace $55 R950
Netlify Forms $20 R450 Domain R20 N/A Domain R30 N/A
External Auditing R250 N/A
Renumeration (10 Hours) R2500 N/A

* Adjusted monthly cost makes provision for possible changes in the international exchange rate.

Sponsorship Tiers

In order to cover these monthly expenses we present our partners with the following month sponsorships tiers:

Monthly Contribution Includes
  • Link and name under "partners" section on homepage
  • Link and name under "partners" section on homepage
  • Mention as one of sponsors in all videos, newsletter, podcast and events.
  • Link and name under "partners" section on homepage
  • Work with you to create a dedicated blurb and call to action for all newsletters and podcasts
  • Include a full-screen graphic with your logo and call to action in all videos and at all our events


For more information please contact us at